Book Jewelry or how to happily spend an evening!

Christmas is coming and the time has come to find gifts that everyone will love! 

Yesterday evening, I decided to play with my beads. I was thinking to prepare some charms for a couple of journals I am making.

I followed my standard procedure. First, I dyed some cheese cloth and hanged it to dry. Then I want to inspect my beads and stones supplies to find matching ones. I happened to open a little box and ... surprise! It was full of bookmarker shafts. So long for the charms!

I grabbed a beer from the fridge, turned the music on and started playing.... hmmm ..... working I mean. It is Christmas anyway, and people need stocking stuffers! 

Isn't this one simply amazing?


And this blue marble beads, are my favorites!



Natural stones for a more "romantic" one.




Since the cheese cloth had tried, I had to use it, don't you think?



Well, I played and played, until I realized that it was after midnight and I needed my bed! If you want to see some of them visit my Etsy Shop, and you will find some of your gifts for your loved ones this year!

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