This journal is part of my Time series and is called "Alchymia". It has been treated with many layers of paint, patinas and special mediums to achieve the depth of color and its 'mystic" look. In the front cover it featuers a raised golden brocade and a metal plate with the number 26837. The finish has been made with several layers of ecological varnishes, to protect the artwork and ensure the vitality of colors for many years to come.

It features 96 pages of superb 300gsm supreme watercolor paper, that can withstand huge amounts of water and very hard treatment, even unprimed! The spine is a very soft melange golden man made leather. It is bound using strong 3-ply Crawford's Irish linen thread in black. Its size is 17,5 x 25,5cm ( 7 x 10 2/8 inches).

It is a perfect gift for watercolor artists, mixed media artists, fantasy lovers, writers and people who love books. It can be used as a sketchbook, an art journal, a notebook, a spellbook ,a diary, a heirloom book or for every occassion a special book is needed. It comes with its own black non-woven bag, to be stored safely and/or be nicely presented as a gift.


The Alchemist closed the journal with a sigh. Although he had great expectations of today's work, he felt that he had a long way to go to demistify the essence of the Stone.

He rememebered the body of the murdered man and his dark fist closing tightly over the black rock. He opened the hand to throw the rock away before the burial and his breath stopped. The rock was gleaming with an unatural golden light and felt hot to the touch. He hid it hastily among the pleats of his robe, fearful that someone would notice.

He returned to his lab and employed his most secret alchemical tests, to break the secret of the stone. He opened the new journal - a gift from the palace for a special service - to record his experiments that would make him 'The Alchemist'.

But the journal is almost full now , and he has not even managed to make the stone glow again......