This journal is called "Journey" and is part of my Travel Series. It is meant as a travel journal, but can be used for occasion a special book is needed. It can be a Paris vacation , a trip to Africa, a road trip, or journey to your soul......

The covers have many layers of vintage collage elements, paint and special mediums and pastes, to achieve a "weathered" look. Although the surface looks "rough" and well-used, it is treated with wax and special mediums, and has a surprising soft and velvet touch. The finish has been made with several layers of ecological varnishes, to protect the artwork and ensure the vitality of colors for many years to come. It contains 126 pages (counting both sides)- some printed , and the rest hand stamped, painted , distressed and decorated by me. All pages are of high quality recycled paper of 240 gsm, in a very beautiful creamy tone, that makes it look old. It is also acid free, chlorine free and suitable for photos. It is bound using strong 3-ply Crawford's Irish linen thread in Rust and has a matching bookmark ribbon of dyed yarn. Its size is 17,5 x 25cm ( 7 x 10 inches).

It is a perfect journal for a field trip, a road trip, a Paris vacation, a trip to Africa or a journey to your soul. It is also a great gift . It can be used as a memoir, a diary, a photo album, or a special heirloom journal where you will tell the story of your life for the generations to come. It is a unique and special book.


When I travel, I always keep a travel journal. During my trip, I carry a little bag that contains my journal, a pen and a glue, so I miss nothing. After many trips, I have observed that it is easier to record facts, observations and feelings as they happen. Every time I had gathered the photos, to make the book upon return, they remained in the "future projects" box. Even if I managed to make the book, it was missing the highlights - small details that were not crucial to the trip but gave meaning to the whole adventure. The last few years, I keep a journal with me and spend about 20 minutes a day to keep it up to date. When I return home, I have my book completed, my memories on the shelf, and I am ready to go on.