This Journal is inspired by Mother Earth and the Celtic Mythology. It is called "Through Fire and Water" and is part of the series called " The Secret Diaries".

The covers have many layers of paint and special mediums, patinas and paints to achieve the "weathered" look. The front and back covers feature a raised celtic symbol. In the front cover the symbol is protected under layers of resins, which adds to the mystical look of the piece. The finish has been made with several layers of ecological varnishes, to protect the artwork and ensure the vitality of colors for many years to come. It has 82 pages (counting both sides) of a very smooth, high quality recycled paper of 240gsm, suitable for pen, pencil, charcoal, color pencils and ink. It is also acid free, chlorine free and suitable for photos. All pages are distressed by hand. It is bound using strong 3-ply Crawford's Irish linen thread in Rust. Its size is 17,5 x 25cm ( 7 x 10 inches).

It is a perfect journal for a field trip, a spell book, a book of shadows or for a journey to your soul. It is also a great gift . It can be used as a memoir, a diary, a photo album, or a special heirloom journal, a book of shadows, a spell book , a book where you will tell the story of your life for the generations to come. It is a unique and special book.


After the Beltane celebrations ended and the group of happy people left the forest, the girl wandered at the opposite direction. She felt happy and full and did not want to go back to her appartment. She knew that she tried to prolong the euphoria, but what the heck.... she was entitled to do that from time to time.

As she walked aimlessly under the elder trees, she realised that this part of the forest was somehow different. She felt like she was walking not in a deeper part of her beloved forest, but in a different part of time itself. She realised that her steps had a purpose. She was drawn deeper and deeper until she came to a place that had centuries to experience the warmth of the sun. And there it was. A huge willow tree. Immediately the girl realised that this willow was the forest elder. And that it compelled her steps with her song.

She approached hesitantly and reverently. She knew deep in her heart she was the chosen one. Without doubt, she reached for the tree. She felt a humming noise. She walked around the huge trunk and there it was. A hollow in its body. She suffered for the elder, but realised instantly that the tree wasn't hurt- It bended itself to create a safe place. She dared a stolen glimpse and stood breathless. In the hollow was a book. An old, frayed and weatherworn book, but still a book. She came closer and her mind said "Through Fire and Water....."