This journal is called "The eye of Horus" and is part of my series "From the beginning of Time". It has 120 pages (60 leaves) of a high quality, very smooth recycled paper of 240 gms , in a beautiful tobacco tone , that makes it look old. It is also acid free, chlorine free and suitable for photos. It is suitable for all dry media ink, pen, pencil, coro pencil and charcoal.

The inner covers are printed replicas of old maps. It is bound using strong 3-ply Crawford's Irish linen thread in Rust Brown. Its size is 17,5 x 25cm ( 7 x 10 inches). The covers are made from calf leather, which has been antiqued by me, using only natural pigments and bees wax. The focal point is a combination of metal and resins, in golden brown colors that complement the leather. It also has a leather closure. The binding used is called "springback" and permitts the journal to open fully.

It is a perfect journal for a field trip, a road trip, a Paris vacation, a trip to Africa or a journey to your soul. It is also a great gift . It can be used as a memoir, a diary, a photo album, a spellbook or as a special heirloom journal where you will tell the story of your life for the generations to come. It is a unique and special book.